Friday, July 8, 2011

Progress Check

Though it has been a while since my last post, I have some wonderful news! Thanks to Allison helping me find a contact, Christine Kleemeier, who has given me the most recently updated Cardome Visitation Academy's alumnae list, it is time for the next step of this project. It is my best intention to get ahold of several women still living in Central Kentucky and ask them to be a part of the oral history portion of the exhibition. There are quite a few of these alumnae who spent many years at Cardome and who will, hopefully, be able to share not only about the actual history of the institution, but who will also be able to share their personal memories and feelings of and about their years at Cardome. Based on my research, though the institution was got large in number, the girls who attended the school were very diverse and came from many backgrounds making the possibility of very unique accounts and stories likely.
It is my attention to update the blog with the audio of these interviews and also, to have the histories playing for those who visit the exhibition after its opening.

For the completion of this internship I have several things left to do. My partial to do list is as follows:
Interview alumnae and convert their interviews to be posted on the blog
Clean and arrange the actual exhibition
Write the wall text for the items that will be on display
Organize an opening event for the exhibition

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