Friday, July 15, 2011

Beginning of the End

Since this blog has been largely devoid of pictures, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some. I have chosen some of my favorite items in the archives to photograph. Most are not self-explanatory, so they will be accompanied with short explanations.

This is a placard of awards, as well as a photography of the first girl, Ann Pryse Rieth, to receive the award.

Here are some pieces of artwork done by Alice Thompson, Class of 1955, and pottery from the Indian room.

My favorite photo album. The pictures are all from the 1940s and display a very nice idea of what Cardome was like for its residents, a solid mixture of learning and fun.

I believe this is the only remaining portion of the original Cardome house, built by Violetta and benjamin Stuart Chambers in 1821, a two-story building that faced East and was destroyed in a mysterious fire.

I have been able to get in touch with a few alum and we are trying to work out times for the interviews. I left messages with others and, hopefully, they'll get back in touch soon. Maybe my next update will be an audio of their oral history. :)


  1. The photographs are beautiful, Bess. The last photo and its history are very interesting. Please learn more about it--if you have time.

  2. The photos are fantastic additions to the site. I am particularly interested in the ceramic pieces and decorative arts.

    And, I look forward to hearing about your oral histories. They'll likely reveal so much more!

  3. I was, unfortunately, wrong about the last photo. It is actually the remains of a smoke stack. During my first interview I asked if she (Linda Boots) knew where the first house was located on the property and mentioned the ruin, for lack of a better term. She said the house was toward the backright of the main building and the remain was where they smoked meats and the like.