Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

As St. Patty's day is ending and I'm punching away at writing my thesis, I came across a quote from Mrs. Suzanne Cassidy that was quite timely. In her interview we spoke about the Sisters and their stories. Here's a little of what she told me...

"And then Sister Mary Julia. Actually, she was first called Sister Nora before she took her final vows and she was just, she was wonderful with us. There were maybe 20 to 25 girls up there and she had come from Ireland and she'd play Irish music all the time. She had us all in on st. Patrick's Day. She'd make big green bows out of crepe paper and put on each one of us. She was just lovely."

Hope your day was full of laughter and sweet Irish melodies :)

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  1. What a lovely story, Bess. I look forward to reading your paper and discussing it with you further!