Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 1

After meetings with my art history advisor, Dr. Decker, the associates at Cardome, Allison and Philiip, and the commencement of a new semester at Georgetown College my research in the archives was finally started. There is a plethra of information in their vault, so much so that I was not sure at first how to begin work on such a project. I decided, however, to begin by inventorying their archival contents and continue by working my way around the room.
This tactic proved to be an efficient way to start. Organization is a long process and I needed to learn what they have stored before complete organization is possible.
Among the papers and pictures today I found serveral interesting items and would like to ask you, dear reader, if you have any information concerning these things.
- The Silver Jubilee? It was early in Cardome's existence, 1875-1900, and looked like a pageant of some sort. There was a booklet containing pictures and some information, but I was hoping to learn more about it considering little is known about early Cardome compared to later on in the 20th century.
- The mascot, which looks like a dog or jackal, seems a bit rough for such an institution. Is there any significance to the choice of animal?
- There was also some information concerning a fire. There were no clear dates, although I assume it was after Cardome ceased being a school.
- There was an old picture, 1932, of a girls basketball team. The back had an inscription stating that it was Great Crossings. It seemed strange that there would be a Great Crossings picture in Cardome, unless the two schools intermingled at some point or simply for sports.
If you have any information feel free to comment on this blog or email me at
I am excited about further going through the archives and discovering more about the world of Cardome. It seems like it was a wonderful place to live and learn!

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  1. I cannot wait to read more about your project. :)